Mount Saint JohnMount Saint John is the 150-acre campus-like property where Bergamo Center resides. Unbeknown to many, Mount Saint John is also home to various other ministries of the Marianists, such as, the Marianist Environmental Education Center, The North American Center for Marianist Studies, the The Gallery Saint John, Queen of Apostles Church, Meyer Hall and the Marianist Novitiate.

The Marianist Environmental Education Center is an organization dedicated to increasing awareness of the Earth and natural resources by sustaining appreciation for its preservation. The Center for Marianist Studies exists to help the Marianist Family grow in understanding and appreciation of its heritage through research, development and publications.

Fall Tree

The Gallery Saint John showcases original works of the Marianists family of artists. Open to the general public three days a week, the gallery changes displays periodically through the year. Queen of Apostles Church, founded in light of the liturgical reforms of Vatican II, is a non-territorial parish rooted in the Marianist spirit.

Meyer Hall is a private community of priests and brothers involved in a variety of ministries, and the Marianist Novitiate is a community for new members joining the Society of Mary.

St. Joseph's Statue

Grotto in winter

The Land

The melting of glaciers that moved southward to Ohio 20,000 years ago formed Mount Saint Johnís terrain. After the glaciers melted, conifer forests were plentiful in the area and by 8,000 B.C., the climate became much warmer and drier. Hardwood trees replaced conifers and prairies were more dominant. Today, Mount Saint John has over 130 different tree species. Additionally, this property contains one and half miles of walking trails and nature preserve.

The People

The first people to care for this land were hunters, farmers and ancestors of the later Indian nations. Among the first Euro-Americans to arrive in this area were John Patterson and his family who provided the land on which the Watervliet Shaker Community was founded in 1806. The original 80 acres of Mount Saint John were Shaker lands purchased by the Marianists in 1910.


Points of Interest

In addition to each Marianist entity, Mount Saint John contains many ideal spaces for quiet, personal reflection and contemplation. Numerous statues, prayer spots and meditation areas encompass the property.

The newest addition to the property was the development of Chaminade Park. Dedicated in 2000, the park was constructed in celebration of the beatification of Father William Joseph Chaminade, founder of the Society of Mary.

Mount Saint John also houses the final resting place for many Marianists. Queen of Peace Cemetery is located to the right of the property just alongside the Shakertown Road entrance.

Chaminade Park

Perhaps one of the most scenic prayer spots on the property is the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto. Complete with its own small fishpond and constructed of over 230 tons of tufa rock and spanning 110 feet, the Grotto is a spectacle all in itself. Each season brings a unique beauty unlike any other found on the property.


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